LOA Library – February Statistics with Links

68   Internet-based resources cataloged

29   Newly Cataloged Resources

2     New Resources    –     New book order placed 2/28!

LOA Library donated the following reference resource to the MIAC Docent Library:

Reference encyclopedia of the American Indian (19th edition), 2013.


LOA Library Outreach – Resources per Tribe/Group

The LOA Librarian is using  the LOA Library’s new Koha Integrated Library System as a means of increasing the visibility of how many physical resources and digital or e-resources the LOA Library Koha Catalog has indexed per tribe or tribal entity. The LOA Librarian has been cataloging and embedding links to stable e-book links and other resources on the Internet that support research per tribe.

The LOA Librarians have been electronically indexing materials since 1992 in a manner which  makes information about ‘each’ tribal entity discussed or mentioned in an individual print or physical resource accessible. 1992 is when the first LOA Library in-house database was first launched.

The current efforts of cataloging and pointing to electronic resources (ebooks, etc.) is just one more effort the LOA Library / LOA Librarian is making to make information for each tribe more accessible. The figures below are per tribal entity.

The LOA Library indexing attempts to be as specific as possible whenever possible, however, when historic resources do not specify a tribal entity the broader group name has been indexed. Many resources are indexed as “Apache Indians,” for example, because the resource doesn’t indicate which specific ‘Apaches’ the resources is referencing. The list below is compiled from searches performed in the LOA Library Koha Catalog for the specific ‘subject’ or ‘topic’ term in the left column, this could be tribe or geographic place name. It won’t include multiple searches to include variant spellings or historic tribe names (eg. Hopi vs. Moqui or Moki).

The LOA Library indexing and cataloging of Internet resources directly supports the strategic planning objectives of the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture. This report is a response to input received from participants in the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture’s World Cafe and the New Mexico State Tribal Libraries Program Tribal Libraries Coordinator.


111 NM tribal resources (print & electronic cataloged / added in February 2005

TRIBE/GROUP      Print materials (books, articles, etc.)  /  Electronic books, theses, etc.

Acoma                            280 / 15

Apache (overall)            1331 / 15

Cochiti                           228 / 10

Hopi                              1429 / 23  <raw data will not include Tusayan, etc.)

Isleta                             124 / 6    <raw data will include Isleta del Sur, for example>

Jemez                           272 / 14 <raw data will include mountains, springs refs, not include ‘Unshagi’>

Laguna                          265 / 8

Nambe                           71 /  4

Navajo / Diné               3535 / 28 <Search/Tech problem re: accents  prior to Koha; Diné  not used>

Ohkay Owingeh          140 / 5  <Global change made in system from ‘San Juan’>

Pecos                           356 / 8 <many of these will be ‘false hits’ / about ‘place’ not people>

Picuris                          134 / 9

Pojoaque                      56 / 2

Sandia                          80 / 5

San Felipe                    67 / 4

San Ildefonso              206 / 12

Santa Ana                    89 / 5

Santa Clara                 260 / 5

Santo Domingo          166 / 10 <Global change made to ‘Kewa’ / then reversed to Santo Domingo>

Taos                             423 / 10

Tesuque                      112 / 4

Zia                                129 / 9

Zuni                              901 / 44

* Don’t forget this is raw data, just simple searches performed on the term on the left in the table. The LOA Library is dedicated to collecting, cataloging and indexing information in all formats on the arts and cultures of tribes in New Mexico and the greater Southwest.

Koha Library Catalog – LOA Librarian Uses Lists Feature to support HPD Nominations

The New Mexico Historic Preservation Division (HPD) is currently receiving nominations of archaeologists/scholars, etc. for their lifetime achievements.

In support of various people preparing nominations, the LOA Librarian has prepared bibliographies, or sub-libraries within the LOA Library Koha Catalog, using the List feature. This feature makes it easy for people to see what publications are held in the LOA Library for each of the following nominees that they have authored over the years.

Carroll L. Riley List

For the nominee – Carroll L. Riley, go to the Carroll L. Riley bibliography linked via the header here. There are 59 items in the list. There are 112 references in the LOA Library catalog to Cal overall. I excluded the numerous references to Cal’s work listed in the periodical Teocentli.

Michael P. Marshall List

For the nominee Mike Marshall, please go to the link via the header here.