Koha Integrated Library System — January Statistics used to exemplify some of what the Librarian does

January 2015

124 NEW records created

  • 109 records submitted to OCLC (so searchable in the FirstSearch database)
  • new books, serial titles – system limitations precluded periodicals being cataloged in the legacy ‘database’, monographic series individual titles not previously cataloged, booksale donations within scope of collections, evaluated by the librarian and then accessioned into the LOA Library collections, journal article analytic records and book chapter analytic records.

1412 records modified

Bringing records up to RDA Standards – Full-Text Linking to Digital Resources

While revising records, Librarian searches for an embeds stable URLs from Digital Resource sites the Librarian has evaluated and selected (eg. Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, University Libraries, etc.).

No Designation for Item Type in legacy InMagic Database
– The InMagic legacy database lacked a field or means for the librarian to designate item type (books, conference proceedings, dissertations, etc.).  There were nearly 40,000 records at the time of migration to the Koha ILS.

This is important because item type is tied to circulation rules (eg. conference proceedings and dissertations are ‘coded’ in the new Koha ILS as non-circulating).

The Librarian is modifying the cataloging records in the new Koha ILS so that each record accurately reflects what kind of ‘item type’ each record is.

Post Migration Records Clean Up

– Cleaning up and bring existing records up to International cataloging codes cataloging record punctuation.Sometimes the Librarian replaces existing records with records imported from OCLC using Z39.59, but many times, because of all the data that has been locally generated by the current and previous LOA Librarians, the Librarian goes in and fixes or cleans up the individual records.

Problems resulting from the way the InMagic legacy ‘database’ was originally constructed:

InMagic records had no punctuation because InMagic could not search past colons [:], semi-colons [;] or parentheses [()],  so punctuation had been stripped from records; when records have a lot of local data (eg. local subject headings), the librarian is repopulating the punctuation in the new Koha system
InMagic records had variant title information inconsistently entered, so it was moved over from InMagic into the Koha ILS in the 245 field.

With records where there was a lot of local data (eg. local subject headings) generated, the Librarian moves the variant title information to the correct MARC 246 field.

17 Records Deleted

Single Koha ILS The InMagic system had one record for each location the same item was held in the collection (eg. Rare Books for a signed copy and book stacks for the consultation copy)

The InMagic legacy system had individual records for each ‘copy’ of an item (book, etc.) held. The new Koha ILS can accomodate multiple copies of the exact same item title held in in different locations in a single record.

Librarian consolidates multiple records migrated from the InMagic database.


An important source of acquisitions – LOA Library Booksale Donations

373 Donations documented since July 2014

Since the new LOA Library Koha Integrated Library System went live in July 2014, the LOA Librarian has note in the acquisition source field and created public notes noting that 373 items were donated to the collections.

Donors Acknowledged

As a tribute to donors, the LOA Librarian acknowledges the donors in the Public Notes field. This information shows every time someone conducts a search in the LOA Library’s catalog and retrieves a record with a donation note.

For example, the LOA Library received over 20 boxes of materials from the former Director of the Laboratory of Anthropology in 2014. Since its receipt, the Librarian has created notes acknowledging this donation in 59 records.

Public Acknowledgement

Creating public notes in the system is an easy means of acknowledging the high regard the LOA Library has for donors. With 373 donations acknowledged since July 2014 donors clearly are a very important source of acquisitions to the LOA Library’s collections.

Thankyou Santa Fe!