Researchers are required to register prior to consulting materials.

General Procedures

Only items considered essential research tools (eg. pencil, paper, notebooks, laptop computer, etc.) are allowed in the LOA Library Reading Room. Backpacks, bags (including purses), briefcases, coats, computer bags, and other such items must be stored in LOA Researcher / Visitor Lockers. LOA Library personnel (Librarian and Library Volunteers) reserve the right to inspect all belongings as people enter or leave the premises. The only writing instrument permitted to be used are pencils. If you do not have a pencil, the LOA Library is happy to provide you one. The use of pens and of self-stick removable note papers is not permitted. Tracing from or annotating collections materials is not allowed.

Seating in the LOA Library Reading Room is reserved for researchers consulting LOA Library resources.

Food and Drink

Food and drink are not permitted in the LOA Library.

Cell Phones

Please turn your cell phone to vibrate so as not to disturb others. If you take a call, please take the call in the LOA Building foyer.

Library Collections Organization and Access

The LOA Library is a research library housing highly specialized, technical, scarce, and rare collections materials. Access to the stacks area of the collections is limited to the Librarian and library staff and library volunteers. Access to collection materials protected under federal and state law is restricted. Restrictions on access to protected materials is determined by the LOA Librarian working in consultation with certain qualified staff of the MIAC-LOA, HPD, ARMS, and OAS.

All unrestricted materials may be consulted in-house in the LOA Library Reading Room. Appointments are strongly suggested and may be required for consultation of certain scarce or rare items from the collection.

Photoreproduction / Photocopies

No scanning, digital photography and electronic downloading of material is not permitted in the LOA Library.

Photocopies for personal use are permitted in accordance with copyright law and other legal restrictions. There is a per-page fee for all photocopies. The fee for 8.5 x 11″ is 10 cents.


Requests for reproductions of items from the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture Laboratory of Anthropology Library collections will be considered case-by-case, based on legal constraints, assessments of the physical condition of the original material, and whether the requester agrees to the specified terms of use.

Patrons agree that copies of LOA Library materials will be used to support private study, research, or classroom teaching and will not be used or shared or made accessible to others in publications, public exhibitions, or made accessible on computer networks, or within a broadcast or public performance without the explicit advance application and permission of the LOA Library.

All requests to reproduce materials from the LOA Library holdings require a completed Request for Reproductions/Application for Permission to Publish Form. The applicant agrees to abide by all terms, conditions and provisions of this agreement.



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