Koha Library Catalog – LOA Librarian Uses Lists Feature to support HPD Nominations

The New Mexico Historic Preservation Division (HPD) is currently receiving nominations of archaeologists/scholars, etc. for their lifetime achievements.

In support of various people preparing nominations, the LOA Librarian has prepared bibliographies, or sub-libraries within the LOA Library Koha Catalog, using the List feature. This feature makes it easy for people to see what publications are held in the LOA Library for each of the following nominees that they have authored over the years.

Carroll L. Riley List

For the nominee – Carroll L. Riley, go to the Carroll L. Riley bibliography linked via the header here. There are 59 items in the list. There are 112 references in the LOA Library catalog to Cal overall. I excluded the numerous references to Cal’s work listed in the periodical Teocentli.

Michael P. Marshall List

For the nominee Mike Marshall, please go to the link via the header here.


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