The LOA Library thanks the Santa Fe community for its ongoing support of the renowned LOA Library Book Sale – a Museum of New Mexico Foundation fundraising event. This booksale, both the onsite and online has been underwriting the operations and services of and new acquisitions to the LOA Library since 1992.

MNMF / MIAC-LOA Library Book Sales (200+ books listed)

The MNMF / LOA Library has become a seller on The MIAC-LOA Library seller account was established in late April, 2016. It is already proving to be a successful model for selling certain books donated to the MNMF in support of the MIAC-LOA Library.

A Santa Fe Indian School Leadership Program Intern PeShawn Bread is working under the LOA Librarian for 10 weeks during the Summer of 2016 on the MNMF MIAC-LOA Library seller program.

MNMF / MIAC-LOA Library Online Bookstore (1900+ books listed)

Better quality donations made to the MNMF / LOA Library Booksale are listed and made available for purchase online 24/7 all year long via at the MNMF / MIAC-LOA Library online bookstore on so as to make it possible for the LOA Library to generate  funds all year round. Further, it extends  the LOA Library fundraising through its booksales to the world, as the store has a worldwide reach.

The online store is staffed by a team of dedicated volunteers, notably Joan Lamarque (pricing) and Jere Turner (HomeBase database entries).

The books the LOA Library has for sale online is updated frequently, usually weekly, so check back often!

MNMF / MIAC-LOA Library OnSite Booksales

All booksales are currently taking place online only via (since December 2008) and (implemented April 2016).

The onsite booksales have been suspended since the November 15-16, 2014.

MNMF / MIAC-LOA Library OnSite Booksale

The last onsite booksale was held November 15-16,2014. This booksale of nearly 10,000 items generated over $12,000 in 10 hours over the two days, an amazing feat given that the roads were treacherous from the heavy snow that fell the night of the 15th!

The LOA Library thanks the 2014 Booksale Volunteers (51 in total!!!) for their support in mounting a successful sale. Special thanks are extended to Linda Muzio and Joan Lamarque for making the 2014 sale a great success!

The Meem Auditorium and the LOA Library Reading Room were converted into sales showrooms. Special exhibition cases and displays were set up. Special street signage and banners were ordered.

Approximately 45% of the 230 boxes of donated books priced and sorted for the onsite LOA Library Booksale sold over these two days.

Mounting the 2014 onsite booksale took months of preparation. The 2014 booksale was staffed by 51 volunteers over the two days the sale was held.

Behind the scenes are a few dedicated volunteers sorting and pricing those 230 boxes and getting them ready for sale.


Love books and got some time to assist? Call 505-476-1264.

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