Collections Overview

The LOA Library collections support advanced scholarship and research on the Native arts and cultures, the anthropology, archaeology and history of the greater Southwest. Since the LOA Library opened in 1930, the collection has grown to holding over 37,000 volumes.

While the LOA Library mission and therefore its collections exist to support the mission and goals of the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture / Laboratory of Anthropology (MIAC/LOA), the LOA Library mission and collections continue to exist to support the following New Mexico State Divisions and sections: Historic Preservation Division (HPD), Office of Archaeological Studies (OAS), Historic Sites, Archaeological Records Management Services (ARMS). The LOA Library collections are also utilized to support the operations and programs of the New Mexico State Land Office, New Mexico Energy Mines, New Mexico Natural Resources Division, and New Mexico Department of Game and Fish.

The LOA Library collections are used to support research conducted by tribes and tribal members, and in support of mounting exhibitions at the Pueblos.

The LOA Library holdings include monographs, archaeological reports, ethnographic studies, dissertations and master theses, unpublished reports and manuscripts, artist files, auction catalogs, as well as an extensive collection of ephemera.

The LOA Library has subscriptions to a large number of scholarly, professional and subect- and geographically-focused journals and newspapers.

Archaeology Reports, Manuscripts, Theses and Dissertations, Conference Proceedings

The LOA Library has extensive holdings of reports, manuscripts, theses, dissertations and papers and proceedings.

Archaeological site data is protected under both federal and state law. Depending on the nature of the content of this material, access may be restricted to qualified researchers.

Special Collections

The rare and special collections of the LOA Library includes scarce and rare materials either uniquely held or held at fewer than ten libraries worldwide. A significant portion of the LOA Library collections are designated as rare or scarce.

Growth of the LOA Library Special Collection as well as general collections is directly as a result of donations received from scholars, anthropologists, archaeologists, and historians and people in the Santa Fe community interested in perpetuating the missions of the Museums of Indian Arts and Culture and the Laboratory of Anthropology.

From signatures and donation notes made in items held in the collection, it is possible to reconstruct some of the legacy of donation that has been part of the LOA Library since it opened in 1930.

Just a few of the collections that have been received to make the LOA Library one of the richest library resources in the Southwest are those received from: Fred Eggan (Department of Anthropology, University of Chicago), Edward Dozier (Santa Clara anthropologist and linguist), Stewart Peckham (Director Emeritus, Laboratory of Anthropology), Arnold M Withers (Chair, Department of Anthropology, University of Denver), and Peter T. Furst.  John D. Rockefeller, Fred Harvey, Kenneth M. Chapman, and Alfred Vincent Kidder — all contributed books from their personal libraries to grow the LOA Library collections in the early years of the Laboratory of Anthropology.

Sylvanus Griswold Morley Collection

The most notable and substantive collection in the LOA Library is the vast personal library of the renowned American archaeologist / Mayanist and former director of the Laboratory of Anthropology Sylvanus Griswold Morley (June 7, 1883 – September 2, 1948). This collection includes over 800 books and other materials on Mesoamerican archaeology, Mayan history, calendars, linguistics and other topics. Many of the publications were by colleagues of Morley and are signed and inscribed.

Charles J. Lohrman Archives

  • Charles J. Lohrman Archives. Lohrman was the editor and publisher of Four Winds, an Indian arts and culture magazine published between 1980 and 1982. The Archives contains the Four Winds Archives.  Additionally, the Archives is comprised of all the work Lohrman did subsequently related to Indian arts and culture. This collection is available for consultation by appointment in the LOA Library.

Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery Photography Collection

  • The Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery Photography Collection is comprised of several thousand color photographs of Pueblo pottery of the 20th and 21st centuries exhibited and sold at the Andrea Fisher Gallery. This research collection is organized by tribal entity and then alphabetically by the artist’s name. This collection is available for consultation by appointment in the LOA Library.

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