Lending to non-MIAC-LOA Staff (Outside Researchers)

The LOA Library loans selective materials to members of the LOA Library and MIAC-LOA Staff. The library also loans to outside researchers through its Interlibrary Loan service. It does this by loaning to the academic or public institution a researcher is affiliated with. Interlibrary loan requests are considered on a case-by-case basis and are made at the discretion of the Library Director alone. Most materials located in the reference collection or that are housed in or considered to be part of the rare books and special collections of the LOA Library or would be very difficult to replace because of their scarcity or value will not be loaned. The LOA Library does not loan conference proceedings, dissertations or archaeological reports. Members of the LOA Library are encouraged to contact the LOA Librarian to inquire about borrowing materials prior to requesting materials through their institution’s library.

Lending to MIAC-LOA, ARMS, ARC

Staff of the LOA and the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture (MIAC), Historic Preservation Division Archaeological Records Management Service (HPD and HPD-ARMS), Office of Archaeological Studies (OAS) and New Mexico Historic Sites may borrow selective materials from the LOA Library. The Librarian will consider and loan materials from the general closed stacks collections (monographs, monographic series, periodicals) on a case by case basis. Materials the Librarian determines are eligible to be borrowed must be secured in the MIAC-LOA staff person’s office or immediate work area. Materials borrowed are subject to immediate recall.

Reference materials will be considered for a one day or short term loans on a case by case basis. Rare Books and Special Collections or materials considered to form part of these collections will not be loaned, but may of course be consulted in the Reading Room of the LOA Library during open hours. Conference proceedings and dissertations are subject to these same considerations.

Research Associates and Volunteers working under the direct supervision or in close cooperation on MIAC-LOA exhibitions, projects, etc. may borrow materials from the LOA Library as long as a full-time MIAC-LOA Staff member takes responsibility for the loan. Materials loaned must remain in the MIAC-LOA Staff persons office or in a secured work area within MIAC or LOA.

Request materials from other libraries (ILL, Document Delivery)

Staff of the LOA and the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture (MIAC), Historic Preservation Division Archaeological Records Management Service (HPD and HPD-ARMS), Office of Archaeological Studies (OAS) and New Mexico Historic Sites may request Interlibrary loans or document delivery for materials not held at the LOA Library. There is no fee charged to MIAC-LOA staff reporting to the Director or the Deputy Director of MIAC, Research Associates, MIAC docents or MIAC-LOA volunteers working directly under a full-time permanent staff member of MIAC-LOA.

Interlibrary loans cost anywhere from $0-$50, normally cost between $18 and $33 per transaction. A $10 fee per item requested may be assessed to all Divisions/Agencies other than MIAC-LOA staff, research associates, docents and volunteers not reporting to the Director or Deputy Director of MIAC in order to offset the overall cost of providing this service.

The LOA Library Interlibrary Loan service is underwritten 100% using MNMF/MIAC-LOA Library Booksale funds, the same funds used to underwrite the KOHA ILS, library subscription databases, and all new materials acquired for the LOA Library collections.

Interlibrary Loans | Document Delivery Turn Around Times

Requests for books generally take anywhere from 3 days to two weeks to be received by the LOA Library . The amount of time depends on how quickly the loaning institution acts on the request and which method of delivery they utilize (USPS or courier).  The Librarian will deliver ILL items to staff located in MIAC and LOA and send items via internal mail to staff located in other buildings. If the loaning library requests in-library use only, the LOA Library will honor that request.

Requests for articles are usually received by the Librarian as pdf attachments which she will forward to you via email. Turn around time for electronically received documents is often within 24-48 hours. Photocopies of articles sent via USPS can take upwards of two weeks.

Suggest a Purchase  

The Librarian is pleased to receive recommendations for purchase of materials for the LOA Library via email at LOA.Library@State.NM.US or telephone at 505.476.1264. You can also do the same via the Koha ILS, as long as you are a member of the LOA Library and logged into your account.

All acquisitions are underwritten by funds realized from MNMF/LOA Library Booksales, so the LOA Librarian may determine to borrow certain items via Interlibrary loan rather than to purchase them. Having said that, requests to borrow materials via Interlibrary loan often result in materials being purchased for the LOA Library. Reference queries also help generate purchases for the Library, so keep those queries coming!

The LOA Library is particularly keen on acquiring materials published by our staff and the community the Library serves. The same hold true for dissertations published within the scope of the LOA Library collections. Please contact the Librarian to advise her of your recent work.


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