LOA Library KOHA Integrated Library System

  • Migrated the inhouse InMagic DB/Textworks catalog implemented in 1992 to the open source cloud hosted ILS in July 2014.
  • Planning, configuration, migration undertaken by the LOA Librarian. Migration from the InMagic DB/Textworks to the Koha ILS was undertaken by Bywater Solutions who is contracted to support and host the LOA Library Koha ILS.
  • Over 39,300 records.
  • Cataloging – The LOA Library provides extensive added value indexing to the materials held in its collection, including additional local subject headings, table of contents, geographic place names and LA#, ethnic group, and persons named, Catalog provides analytic records for book chapters, conference presentations, report sections, monographic series.
  • Journal article Indexing – The LOA Library has been indexing Southwest Native arts and culture, archaeology and anthropology journals for over 20 years. Journal article indexing records are searchable in the Laboratory of Anthropology Library Database.

    Native American Artist Database

  • Nearly 800 records
  • A database of Southwest Native artists that provides reference resources. Indexing provides kinship relationships, tribal affiliation, medium or media the artist practices in as well as references to where you can find material on that artist. The Laboratory of Anthropology Library Database also incorporates indexing of Native artists in its cataloging records for exhibition catalogs and other materials. Search the Laboratory of Anthropology Library Database by performing a Named Person search as well as a Table of Contents search in this database to locate all instances indexed.


  • MIAC-LOA and OAS have access to the JSTOR full-text periodicals database. Several thousand LOA Library ILS cataloging records for journal articles provide the URL to the article published full-text in JSTOR. The Librarian has cataloged select JSTOR serials for archaeology and anthropology in the Labbook database. Some articles or books that are uniquely available via JSTOR are also cataloged in the Laboratory of Anthropology Library Database because of the author relationship to the Laboratory of Anthropology or Museum of New Mexico or its importance to the topics for which the LOA Library has strong collections focus.

XEROX Photocopier | Scanner

  • The Laboratory of Anthropology Library has a new Xerox copier. This copier makes b&w copies only. The Xerox make copies, makes copies via a USB, and can scan to USB. The Librarian can make color copies for patrons for a fee. Charges apply for all copies.


  • The Laboratory of Anthropology Library provides free wireless access.

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