So What Exactly is Going on in the LOA Library?

Internet-based Resources Cataloged >>> 148 and counting!

Tribes – New Mexico / Four Corners Region

Top priority is given to materials where the subject is on or includes content on a Tribe or a Pueblo in New Mexico. Thereafter, the Librarian will focus on the same kind of content for the Four Corner States and then the greater Southwest.

The Librarian has put a priority on recataloging books held in the LOA Library that are now not protected by copyright and are freely available as full-text online resources from reliable hosting sites such as the following:

  • American Museum of Natural History Research Library DSpace Digital Repository
  • Gutenberg Project
  • The Hathi Trust
  • Internet Archive
  • University Libraries | University Repositories

The Librarian is performing searches in the FirstSearch (Worldcat) database locating electronic resources for each of the tribes in New Mexico. She then determines whether there are print or hard copies of each digital representation of these books held in the LOA Library collection.

She then reviews, updates and enhancing access to the existing record (generating Table of Contents and subject terms, for example). She then embeds the full-text linking within the existing cataloging record for the print version so that record then links to the digitized version of the book.

She then codes the resource as an Internet Resource in the LOA Library Catalog, so that researchers can perform searches and retrieve Internet Resources as an ‘item type’.

Electronic Resources (Only Available via the Internet)

While the LOA Library is amazingly strong in 19th century publications on the tribes of pueblos in New Mexico, it does not have everything ever published. So, the Librarian has also created cataloging records that point to digitized versions of hard copy books that are not held in the LOA Library.

Items in the LOA Library Catalog that are available electronically only via the Internet will have [electronic resources] following the Title in the catalog.

Theses | Dissertations Born Digital

Many theses and dissertations are now available full-text electronically as well. The Librarian is generating cataloging records and pointing to those resources as well.

The Librarian just found and cataloged a dissertation on the Genizaros of New Mexico that was available only via the University where the PhD student got their degree. She cataloged the dissertation and points to it on the Internet so patrons can also find it and read it online if they want. In this case, she also downloaded the dissertation and sent it off to the bindery, so there is a copy read for consultation in the LOA Library collection.


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