LOA Library Catalog – Public Lists – New in January 2015!

LOA Library Catalog – LISTS Feature


Just click on the link above. Click on the ‘List’ feature at the top middle of the screen and click through on each heading.

The Librarian has been utilizing the LISTS feature to generate lists for all interested parties statistics of what has changed in the LOA Library Catalog by highlighting those changes that are of most interest as follows:

148    Internet Resources cataloged

80      Existing Print Items (excluding periodical titles) not previously cataloged – Cataloged

7        New Books Added / Cataloged

Into the future, the Lists feature is where the Librarian will compile and make accessible the New Books added to the LOA Library collections. As the Librarian adds each item to the List as it is cataloged, the List is dynamic and accessible reflecting ‘real time’.

So, as of now, you aren’t waiting a month to hear any longer.


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