New ILS for the LOA Library

Exciting news!

The LOA Library is migrating its current InMagic DB/Textworks system to the KOHA Integrated Library System. The new Koha ILS system is scheduled to go live July 21, 2014. Funds realized from the 2012 Onsite Booksale are undewriting the migration, hosting and support of the KOHA Integrated Library System. The new Koha ILS will be migrated, hosted in the cloud and maintained by Bywater Solutions.

The LOA Librarian is currently performing data clean up and standardization of the records in preparation for the migration. To date, she has cleaned up over 45% – 17,733 records – of the 39,293 records in the system.

The new Koha ILS will be the first new system the LOA Library has implemented since the InMagic DB/Textworks database was impelmented in 1992.

Once migrated the LOA Library records will be searchable on the Internet for the very first time!

bywater logkoha-library-system-logo


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